What Is an Off-Grid Solar System?

Full Description and 5 Riveting Benefits of an Off-Grid Solar System

It is no surprise you are on the search to understand, “What is an off-grid solar system?” Right now, off-grid power is an extremely “hot” topic (no pun intended, so hold the applause 😉) among the renewable energy community. So, naturally, you want to understand more of the innovative power behind off-grid solar.  

This blog is going to spark your queries into full-fledged confidence on what all this off-grid talk is about and specifically answer, what is an off-grid solar system. Plus, how does off-grid solar system work, and divulge the benefits of an off-grid solar system.

Off-Grid Living = Off-Grid Solar???

Perhaps you are confused by the ambush of information on the web for an off-grid living when all the while you were hoping to understand off-grid solar. There are differences between the two, yet at the end of the day, they connect beautifully.

Let’s begin connecting those dots.

Prepare to be charged with newfound inspiration for off-grid solar power!

First, what is Off-Grid Living?

off grid living with an off the grid solar system

Off-Grid Living: Living independently without any public supplies of utilities such as water, heat, AC, electric, etc.

You might be planning to live or create a getaway zone for yourself where you don’t have to deal with society and avoid the system. It can be anything such as an RV, Cabin, or a two-story house with a small garden that is not dependent on the electricity grid.

Now, as a huge part of off-grid living, you will most likely need to get on the off-grid solar systems! Here is where you’ll get the idea of “off-grid-living” and how it is linked to the “off-grid solar” topic.

Second, What is Off-Grid Solar?

what is off the grid solar

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According to Energy Sage, the term off-grid can be defined as, …” living autonomously without reliance on a utility for power.”

Or as Merriam Webster puts it, “not connected to or served by publicly or privately managed utilities (such as electricity, gas, or water)”.

The Official Zonna Energy Off-Grid Solar Definition

Let’s cut to the chase with the official and simple Zonna Energy definition. Off-grid is functioning electrically without any connection to a mainline power supply.

Whoa! So, off-grid literally means no connection to your state or counties main electrical grid.

living off grid with off the grid solar system

Alright, then how does one get their electrical needs met when going off-grid? Think about it, electrical power feeds almost all of your daily activities, from taking a shower in the morning, to charging your iPhone overnight, to warming up water for breakfast oatmeal…and we will stop there. You get the point.

This is where answering the question of “what is an off-grid solar system?” connects yet another dot to understanding off-grid solar living capabilities.

Let’s answer this question of what an off-grid solar system is next!

What is an Off-Grid Solar System?

benefits of an off the grid solar system and off grid living

An off-grid solar system permits electricity to be harnessed by solar panels and stored inside a battery without direct connection to the utility grid, providing an independent power supply to your home or business.

Basically, an off-grid solar system is a novel innovation which provides you independent energy harnessed by the sun.  An off-grid solar system is made up of the following components.

  • solar panels
  • charge controllers
  • battery bank(s)
  • inverters

Now that we answered, what is an off-grid solar system, lets dish out how off-grid solar energy systems actually work.

How Does Off-Grid Solar Work?

off the grid solar systems

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The ingenuity of an off-grid solar energy system is made-up of the efficiency of its components. A solar energy system’s solar panels, charge controllers, battery bank, and inverters all work together to provide your laptop or refrigerator energy, and this is how.

Off-grid solar energy systems work by…

  1. Solar Panels (PV array). Solar panels are set either on your rooftop or in an open yard or property space. The Sunlight is soaked up by the solar panels and transferred to the charge controllers.
  2. Charge Controllers. The charge controller is the “delivery man” between the solar panels, the inverters, and the battery bank. Charge controllers also act as a regulator, ensuring that the amount of power received through the solar panels does not overload the battery, instead keep the battery fully charged and top it off when needed. The charge controllers either deliver the energy directly as DC power to your lights or to the inverters to be converted into AC power for household appliances and all excess energy goes to the…
  3. Battery Bank.  With the charge controllers feeding energy to the batteries, the battery bank acts as the heart of the off-grid solar system, as it stores up excess energy for cloudy days and nights, when needed it pumps electricity to the…
  4. Inverters. Lastly, inverters convert the DC (direct current) power into AC power which is passed on to be digested by your electronics or appliances as DC power and allows you to switch on the TV or fry up an egg.  
off grid living breakfast

Bam! Can you picture yourself eating that fried egg on a piece of toast with some sliced avocado? Reality check…that delicious sunny side up, was fried simply through the power of the sun. If that does not pull your self-sufficient cape out, get a load of the following benefits of an off-grid solar system!

Top 5 Benefits of Off-Grid Solar

Here is where we really begin to connect the dots between off-grid solar and off-grid living. Taste the following meat of what is an off-grid solar system!

1. Independence!

advantages of an off the grid solar system

By investing in an off-grid solar system, you no longer rely on your county or state for your electrical needs. You are fully in control. Whatever becomes of the economy, your energy needs are met. By. YOU.

2. Protects & Preserves the Environment

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Can you get cleaner energy than the SUN? Fossil fuels, coal, nuclear energy… We think not. By partnering with an off-grid solar system you can help reduce pollution and carbon footprint, which allows for purer air and a healthier environment.

3. Lightning. Thunder. Blackouts!

Even after a fierce thunderstorm, owning an off-grid solar system keeps your home running while your neighbors may experience a blackout or power outage. You can thank the heart of your off-grid solar system for this, Mr. Battery Bank.

4. Saves You Money (in the long run)


While the initial costs for a off-grid solar system may be high, it pays itself off. At the “end of the day” you will have zero electric bills.

5. Great for Rural and Undeveloped Settings

why going off the grid solar trending

Photo Credit: the Guardian

Off-grid solar offers a way forward for the many remote locations of the earth where there is no viable connection to the state’s utility grid. Even in modern America, there are places where electric is not easily accessible. Off-grid solar systems are the answer to these electrical needs.

We just uncovered 5 benefits and as you fully embrace living off-the-grid you will continue to discover more advantages to owning an off-grid solar energy system.  Learn more about the inspiring power and novel revolution of off-grid solar, by checking out the Top 5 Off-Grid Solar Projects in the world!

Off-Grid Solar Meets Off-Grid Living

off the grid solar system equipment supplier

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Nowadays, people hastily coin off-grid living on those who live in a secluded part of the forest or who grow all their food. However, true off-grid living involves living completely off the grid. Off-grid living involves having your electrical needs met by other means then the mainline grid, such as with solar power.

However, while true off-grid living involves some type of alternative power for your abode, it often coincides with living in a secluded forest or growing all your food. Off-grid living embodies a return to our simple roots.

Check out this off-grid family of 3 and discover a complete taste of how off-grid solar meets off-grid living in perfect harmony.

Homesteading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earthship

The Bottom Line of “What is an Off-Grid Solar System”

off the grid solar energy equipment supplier fast shipping

Off-grid solar systems are a compilation of important components, the solar panels, the charge controllers, the batteries, and the inverters. The whole combo results in 100% renewable energy and power for your home.

Aren’t you pretty much “blind-sided” by the brilliance of this invention!?

Amazing, right!?

If you want to embark on true off-grid living, then start your journey right now by choosing an off-grid solar energy system today!