Buss Bars

We offer a wide selection of buss bars at Zonna Energy. Our offerings include Ground Terminal Buss Bars, Short Terminal Buss Bars, Load Center Shunt Buses, Combiner Bus Bars, Shunt Buses, and Breaker Buses.

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TBB-BLACK/Terminal & Ground Bus Bars / Bus Bar w/black insulators, use as L1 hot or DC negative

View Outback Black Terminal Bus Bar

TBB-BLUE / Terminal & Ground Bus Bar / Bus bar w/blue insulators, use as a Phase C on 3-phase systems

View Outback Blue Terminal Bus Bar

TBB-Brown / Bus bar w/Brown Insulators – Includes Mounting Screws

View Outback Brown Terminal Bus Bar

Shunt Bus allows up to four high current cable connections on same side of DC shunt – includes two 3/8 inch bolts and mounting screws

View Outback Flexware Shunt Bus

TBB-RED /Terminal & Ground Bus Bars / Bus Bar w/red insulators, use as L2 hot or DC positive

View Outback Red Terminal Bus Bar

TBB-WHITE /Terminal & Ground Bus Bars / Bus Bar w/white insulators, use as AC neutral or DC negative

View Outback White Terminal Bus Bar