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Here you will find the top-notch accessories from OutBack Power. Buss Bars, Combiner Boxes, Flexware Hardware & Extras, Fuses, Hubs, Inverter Bypass Kits, Mates, Network Cables, Surge Protectors, Transformers, Breakers, Battery Monitoring, AXS Ports, and more! 

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If you’re having a hard time finding what you’re looking for, our off-grid specialist would be more than happy to help you! Join forces with us, your OutBack Power solar wholesaler, and receive same-day shipping on the majority of your solar product orders. You can also apply to become a wholesale solar dealer by completing our form. We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours after you submit the form. As soon as we have confirmed your account, you will be able to take advantage of solar wholesale rates and next-day shipment.

Source your OutBack Power accessories below, create an account with us, and get your OutBack Power accessories from Zonna, your OutBack Power accessories distributor.

AXS port (1)

The SunSpec compliant AXS Port Modbus/TCP Interface provides advanced connectivity with OutBack FLEXmax’ charge controllers as well as other OutBack devices, enabling remote system status monitoring, command and control.

AXS port

Buss Bars (15)

We offer a wide selection of bus bars from OutBack Power as your solar wholesale supplier; Zonna Energy. Our offerings include Ground Terminal, Short Terminal, Load Center Shunt, Combiner, Shunt, and Breaker Bus Bars.

Buss Bars

Combiner Boxes (5)

OutBack’s FLEXware PV Combiner Series is ideal for both small and large systems. Both the FLEXware PV8 and PV12 can accommodate overcurrent protection for your system and can handle anything from 150VDC breakers to 600VDC fuse holders.

Combiner Boxes

Flexware Hardware & Extras (9)

FLEXware is a convenient, all-aluminum enclosure offering simple installation of OutBack power electronics components in a code-compliant power system. Get your Flexware Hardware Accessories from us – your off-grid solar wholesale supplier – Zonna Energy.

Flexware Hardware & Extras

Fuses (10)

Our fuse selection at Zonna Energy includes a variety of DC Class T fuses for your system’s needs. Get your OutBack Power Fuses from us – your off-grid solar wholesale supplier – Zonna Energy.


Hub (2)

The OutBack HUB system is the bridge between your system and the MATE, allowing it to be completely coordinated. OutBack’s HUB system manager communicates stacking, load share and power save on/off signals. The HUB utilizes Ethernet CAT5 with RJ45 modular jacks.


Inverter Bypass Kits (6)

These kits are designed with all the necessary breakers, bus bars and interlocking sliders to safely bypass the inverters in emergencies to continue supplying power to the electrical loads via another AC power source. Feel free to contact us if uncertain which kit is the correct kit for your application.

Inverter Bypass Kits

Mate (5)

Utilizing OutBack’s MATE system controller, you can manage/monitor several inverters remotely. Both the MATE and MATE2 offer features to simplify system management. The easy-to-read 3.1″ (8 cm) LCD is backlit for dark operating conditions. Features include four soft keys, built-in clock/calendar functions, and two hot keys for immediate access to AC/inverter functions. Both the MATE and MATE2 include a RS232 port with DB9 jack for connection to the serial port of a PC computer. The optional WinVerter software allows operators to perform data-logging functions and see graphical display of the system’s operation/performance. Choose your mounting: the MATE and MateB are surface mounted while the MATE2 is flush mountable in a wall cut-out.


Mate3S (4)

OutBack’s MATE3 System Display/Controller provides ease of use to program and monitor an OutBack Power system. Seamless setup is achieved by utilizing the system configuration wizard and OutBack’s user interface. Other features include multi-level user passwords, programmable ‘favorite keys,’ Expandable SD Card memory, built-in clock/calendar functions, internet connectivity, up to 1 year of data logging, and an optional USB card. The Mate3 is the required controller for the Radian and FXR series inverters.


Network Cables (3)

At Zonna Energy, we pride ourselves in offering our customers a one-stop place to purchase all of their communications needs. That’s why we offer additional components including communication network cables. Feel free to contact us if you have a need and cannot find the correct part. We have or can source additional parts not listed.

Network Cables

Surge Protectors (3)

Protect your system with Zonna Energy’s selection of Surge Protectors. Our Surge Protectors provide protection to load centers, service panels, and direct connections.

Surge Protectors

Transformers (4)

Our selection of Transformers here at Zonna Energy offer step-up/step-down applications, output balancing, and generator balancing.


Breakers (30)

We carry a full line of Outback din rail and panel mount breakers to suite whatever your needs might be.


Outback Power Battery Monitoring (4)

OutBack Power’s FLEXnet DC is the ultimate DC system monitoring device. Our integrated networked communications make valuable, usable data available from your system and viewable on an OutBack MATE communications device, providing you with the critical answers about your system’s health, performance and efficiency. Get your OutBack Power Battery Monitoring Systems from us – your OutBack Power wholesale supplier – Zonna Energy.

Outback Power Battery Monitoring
OutBack Power Wholesale Supplier

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