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me arc50
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MM-RC (MM-RC25, MM-RC-1, MM-RC-2, MM-RC-3)
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ME MR remote 5x7
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ME RC remote 5x7
ME-RC50, ME-RC50-L
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When you’re designing extensive solar-powered systems, you need an intelligent controller to ensure the proper interaction and configuration of the various components. That’s exactly what Magnum provides with the ME-ARTR Advanced Router, with advanced system connectivity programming for large systems. The ME-ARTR allows for easily connecting multiple inverters, chargers, and accessories together without individual controllers and configurations.

Introducing the ME-ARTR Advanced Router

One ME-ARTR router can control up to four MS-PAE or MS-PE inverters, up to seven PT-100 solar charge controllers, two ME-AGS Auto Gen Start modules, multiple ME-BMK battery monitoring kits, and supports one ME-ARC or ME-RC remote. An easy to use digital display and control knob provides painless configuration of the various components. Magnum is dedicated to continuous improvements of the system, with firmware updates available on the field via the built-in SD card reader.