Phocos Any-Bridge

The Any-Bridge AB-PLC Monitoring & Control Gateway allows access to your Phocos power system via the PhocosLink Cloud portal.

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Remote monitoring via the PhocosLink Cloud allows for quick and easy system diagnostics improving system reliability and minimizing the need for costly site visits.

  • All Any-GridTM PSW-H inverter/chargers are compatible.
  • Connect up to three Any-Grid PSW-H units.
  • Check that the display firmware (U2) is 06.18. Click here for firmware updates.
  • Interfaces include RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
  • There is no need for an external power supply.
  • Extending wireless range with an external antenna
  • System status, operation mode, and faults can all be accessed remotely.
  • Access historical and real-time data for critical PV, AC source, battery, load, and inverter/charger parameters.

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