Magnum Energy Inverters

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Magnum Energy Wholesale Supplier

Magnum Energy Inverters Supplier

The array of solar-focused Magnum inverters from Zonna Energy provide powerful options for supplying AC power in your off-grid systems. Because all of their inverters produce a pure sine wave AC current, they are completely safe and gentle on TVs, stereos, computers, and other sensitive electronic components.

The MS-PAE inverter is exceptional for offering both 120v and 240v split phase in the same unit, and is stackable for running up to 4 in parallel, for scaling up to fit almost any sized application (stacking utilizing the ME-ARTR Router). The MS series comes in 12, 24, and 48-volt variations, for compatibility with a variety of battery-bank configurations. The lightweight aluminum base and cover on these units provide noise reduction and corrosion resistance.

The result is a durable reliable inverter solution that Magnum stands behind, with a standard 3-year warranty on each inverter, which you can extend to 5 years automatically if purchasing and installing with the Magnum Energy Mini-Panel.

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