Choose the inverters you need from the leading brands in the solar industry! We supply products for every situation—powering outdoor, mobile, or household systems. Count on these to provide a high return on investment, while being easy to install and monitor.

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Magnum Energy Inverters (22)

For your clients looking to install an off-grid renewable energy system, Magnum Dimensions has the products you need. Supplying a power output range of 600-4400 VA and scalable to 17,600 VA, we can guide you in choosing inverter chargers to fit any need. You’ll love their products’ ease of use and value for the cost.

Magnum Energy Inverters

OutBack Power Inverters (42)

Zonna Energy’s selection of OutBack inverters offer modular, pure sine wave inverters, which means they’re able to produce more efficient electricity. We offer OutBack inverters for a variety of applications including off-grid, grid-interactive, mobile, international, and extreme applications. The benefit of our selection of OutBack inverters is their adaptability. They can be configured to nearly any battery based system configuration. In addition, we now offer the new FXR Grid/Hybrid inverters, allowing more flexibility for grid-interactive and off-grid systems.

OutBack Power Inverters

Samlex America Inverters (38)

If you want to be linked to a solar inverter manufacturer that first and foremost cares about providing great service, look towards the inverters we carry from Samlex-America. They are passionate about innovative product design and great support, while still offering competitive pricing.

Samlex America Inverters

Schneider Electric Inverters (4)

Schneider Electric Distributors offers two primary inverter systems for off-grid and battery backup use. The Conext SW Solar Hybrid Inverter System works with solar panels but integrates with fuel generators as well. It prioritizes solar consumption over the grid, if grid-tied. The Conext XW+ Hybrid Inverter is an all-purpose product, for grid-tie backup or off-grid solar systems. Scalable from 7.0-76.5 kw, the XW+ is a candidate for commercial and residential off-grid solar systems of any size. Get your Schneider Electric inverters from Zonna Energy, your Schneider Electric supplier and take advantage of solar wholesale pricing and same-day shipping on majority of solar products.

Schneider Electric Inverters

Sol-Ark Inverters (5)

Next Generation Efficiency All-In-One transformerless Inverters

Sol-Ark Inverters

Phocos Inverters (2)

Phocos is Your Any-Grid™ partner that designs and delivers world-class solutions for energy production, storage, and conservation to enable universal access to reliable energy.

Phocos Inverters

Victron Energy Inverters (4)

If you are looking forward to finding the high-quality solar energy parts from Victron Energy, we’ve got you! You can choose any inverter from Victron Energy for your solar energy project and get it delivered to you!

Victron Energy Inverters

MidNite Solar Inverters (4)

If you’re seeking high-quality solar energy parts from MidNite Solar, we’ve got you covered! You can order any MidNite Solar inverters for your solar energy project and have them delivered to you!

MidNite Solar Inverters

Inverters for Solar Energy Systems

If you’re looking for an inverter repair or solar inverter supplier that’s responsive and understands the off-grid solar industry, look no further than Zonna Energy. The sheer number of solar inverters available can be dizzying. Rest assured that when you buy from Zonna we can help you spec out the right inverter for each project you encounter, and you’ll be getting the best-of-industry equipment, every time. If you’re looking for more than just solar inverters check out our solar energy equipment supplier homepage to see what will be needing more.