Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion Batteries

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27 Lithium 12
TR 12.8-110 Li-ion
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TR 25.6-25 Li-ion
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Demonstrating Trojan Battery’s commitment to advanced technologies combined with unparalleled durability and longevity, the recently unveiled Trillium™ batteries bring Lithium Ion batteries to the solar market—Trojan style. The Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion batteries from Trojan set a new standard in the battery industry. They a perfect drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in almost any application, providing more runtime and lifetime, with an astounding life expectancy of well over 5,000 cycles.

Not only that—these batteries are safer and more intelligent, sporting a microprocessor controlled safety subsystem, proactively monitoring and guarding the battery and connected equipment from damage. Integrated Controller Area Network communications can share lifetime amp hours, throughput, historical fault data, charge status and other health data with connected devices.