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Deep-Cycle Solar AGM Batteries (7)

Known for being safe and maintenance-free, the deep-cycle Solar AGM batteries from Trojan are a great choice for all sorts of off-grid energy systems. Whether your clients have a remote micro-grid or a commercial operation, these AGM batteries will deliver consistent power over the long-term, regardless of the conditions. They come in 6V, 8V, and 12V models.

Deep-Cycle Solar AGM Batteries

Solar Industrial Flooded Batteries (8)

If you’re installing an off-grid system in a setting with a consistently heavy energy load, the Solar Industrial line of batteries can supply the power you need, ranging from 2V-6V. They come in a casing designed to resist moisture and dirt, while preventing leaks and making maintenance easy.

Solar Industrial Flooded Batteries

Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion Batteries (3)

Demonstrating Trojan Battery’s commitment to advanced technologies combined with unparalleled durability and longevity, the recently unveiled Trillium™ batteries bring Lithium Ion batteries to the solar market—Trojan style. The Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion batteries from Trojan set a new standard in the battery industry. They a perfect drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in almost any application, providing more runtime and lifetime, with an astounding life expectancy of well over 5,000 cycles.

Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion Batteries

An American battery producer with nearly a 100-year legacy, the Trojan Battery company has invested significantly in the solar industry. Trojan’s Smart Carbon™ technology provides improved charge acceptance, faster recharge, and 15% increased charge cycles, specifically engineered for systems where batteries experience partial state of charge—a common challenge in off-grid solar systems.

Would you like to install batteries that are easy to maintain? Trojan’s HydroLink™ Watering System makes watering batteries easy and simple, with their water level indicator, flame arrestors, and quick fill (less than 30 seconds). Plus, they offer a full 4-year warranty!