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If there’s any brand in the solar industry that believes in adapting quickly and effectively around the latest technology, it’s RELiON Battery. Whereas the market continues to be dominated by relatively inexpensive 100+ year-old lead acid battery technology, LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries from RELiON last up to 10 times longer, charge faster, are lighter, and require less maintenance than their lead-acid counterparts. Though the up-front cost is higher, the total cost of ownership over the long-haul make RELiON Batteries a smart and viable solution.

Demonstrating RELiON’s commitment to innovation and solving the challenges surrounding lithium iron battery technology, their new LT series self-regulates internal battery temperature, safely charging and maintaining the health and life the cells in low temperature.

For a truly forward-reaching battery from a forward-thinking brand, we’d love to help you spec out your next solution from RELiON Battery. If you’re seeking to partner with wholesale solar batteries supplier, let’s join forces and build an unbreakable partnership to grow together. Fill out our “Become A Dealer” form and let us be your solar warehouse direct.