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OutBack power provides a wide range of batteries that are explicitly focused on the off-grid solar market and integrate deeply into the rest of the solar components offered from OutBack. If you need a turn-key solution for designing a high-performing solar system, you’ll probably want to choose OutBack Power.

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OutBack Power knows how critical batteries are in making off-grid solar installations successful. And that is why Zonna Energy offers you their EnergyCell FLA batteries. These flooded lead-acid batteries provide the consistency needed for comfortable off-grid living. The EnergyCell FLA was created for demanding deep-cycle off-grid applications. OutBack designed cell construction with the purpose of reducing water loss during the charging service. As a result, these batteries bring to the table a superiority in their performance and shelf life. The EnergyCell FLA batteries were created with additional fluid headspace above the plate which offers extended productivity between watering service intervals. OutBack Power offers three models of the EnergyCell FLA: EnergyCell 290FLA, EnergyCell 525FLA, and EnergyCell 1400FLA. As a bonus, the EnergyCell 525FLA features an electrolyte indicator that you will find on the lid. This indicator signals when watering service is required.

It is Zonna Energy’s mission to supply you with the right kind of battery for your specific off-grid solar installation needs. Sharpen your knowledge of OutBack’s available batteries in renewable energy, while exploring for yourself which batteries OutBack Power would suggest for your future installation applications.

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These are just a few of the many products that OutBack has to offer. At Zonna Energy, we know the OutBack Products like the back of our hand. Give us a call for any questions about other inverters, batteries, and charge controllers available from OutBack!