SRNE Solar Charge Controllers

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SRNE Solar offers three series of PWM charge controllers, each of which comes with digital displays that are intuitive to use, apply regular equalizing charges to extend battery life, and provides protection for overcharge, over-discharge, overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity. This solar charge controller manufacturer invests proactively in research and development, which is why they’ve become a trusted global manufacturer of solar charge controllers—and one of Zonna Energy’s go-to sources!

Their SR-HP series works with sealed, GEL, flooded lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, and can be monitored through computer software or a phone app through its RJ12 data port. The SR-LM series, with its different four working modes, is excellent for street lamps or other monitoring devices with varying power needs. Finally, their SR-HM series features USB outputs to charge phones or other electronic devices in the event of a power outage or in remote areas.

If you are looking for controllers with higher energy conversion, SRNE Solar has two MPPT charge controller series. They estimate these use energy 20% more efficiently than PWM controllers, while offering a 99.9% MPPT tracking efficiency, and a 98% circuit energy conversion efficiency. Each controller also features digital displays that make it easy to monitor and adjust settings. The SR-MC series has a unique PowerCatcher technology to give you a quicker, more efficient response rate and tracking. The SR-ML series offers historical data on all controllers for up to a year, and up to 5 years on select devices.