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Protecting and maintaining your batteries is one of the foremost aspects of maintaining the reliability and longevity of an off-grid solar configuration. You can count on Schneider Electric to provide charge controllers that can keep a system of any size functioning at peak performance both at the onset and for years to come.

Conext MPPT 60 150 - Product Knowledge Series Part 1 - Unboxing

The Conext Solar PV Charge Controllers from Schneider Electric are available in two different sizes, the smaller “60 150” and larger “80 600”. Both models are built around state of the art Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which continuously reassesses and maximizes the available power from the solar panel array.

If you’re installing Conext solar inverter charger sytems, the SE Conext 60 150 integrates perfectly with them, although it can be utilized separately without a problem. This charge controller extends battery life with their selectable multi-stage temperature compensated charging, while still delivering the maximum available current from the PV array and batteries. As with their other products, you can monitor their charge controllers remotely to track performance or troubleshoot issues.

Optimize Battery Maintenance and Monitoring via a Large LCD Display

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