Classic Charge Controllers

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  • The Classic is the world’s only Arc Fault detecting controller. Arc fault detection comes standard in all Classics (except Classic SL).
  • Built-in Ground Fault Protection (DC-GFP) and Arc Fault (ARC) capabilities are at the forefront of the industry saving you time, space, and money.
  • Multiple classic systems can be combined for parallel operation.
  • The classic uses a published Modbus Protocol allowing users to interface with the Classic. Modbus allows you to tailor your own software to communicate with your Classic.
  • Auto or Manual EQ modes (equalize the battery).
    • Manual: Gives you a manual on/off control. It’ll still obey the EQ timer when a manual EQ is started.
    • Auto: Has a user-adjustable interval between EQ charges as well as a “Days” function to retry if the EQ did not complete on the first day.
  • LED Modes are available with Classics, which can be programmed to display a variety of information.
  • Upgradeable Firmware.
    • All Classics have free upgradeable firmware, making sure these units are always running on the latest available software.
    • The Classic’s built-in USB port allows the user to upload firmware updates.
    • New features are easily added to the Classics in the field by doing a simple firmware upgrade.
  • Configured with “Local Application Software“ in order to chart the values such as battery voltage, kWh, battery current, and more.
  • All programming can be done by Local App or MNGP applications from Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Network capabilities allow you to monitor your charge controller, chart values, download data, and much more from anywhere you have internet access.
    • HyperVOC is non-operative VOC safety zone over and above the maximum input voltage.
    • On cold mornings the PV panels will put out full voltage even before you can see the sun. Ambient light may not have much current behind it but it does produce voltage that can exceed the controller voltage limits and destroy the controller. The MidNite Solar controller gives you bonus headroom for those cold mornings that would potentially destroy any other controller.