Midnite Solar Charge Controllers

MidNite Solar’s Classic charge controllers feature Arc Fault, Ground Fault, free web monitoring, a graphics panel and Solar, Hydro, and Wind Modes and work with 12 to 72 volt battery systems. Their free MidNite Solar Local Application allows you to monitor your Classics over your online or on your local network. MidNite Solar’s KID charge controller is perfect for small renewable energy systems. It allows true input paralleling and the ability to add more modules to the array as well as a second KID.

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MidNite Solar provides charge controllers that offer amazing versatility in their compatibility with different renewable energy inputs (solar, wind, or hydro power), as well as adapting to harsh or volatile environments. Their PWM Brat charge controller, while only regulating up to 30 amps, is great for running small off-grid systems in remote areas—keeping pumps, lighting, and fencing in working order and even featuring its own solar clock!

Their MPPT controllers can also stand up to rough environments. The Classic series are the only controllers in the industry rated by the ETL to work with solar, wind, or hydro power supply. (If you want only the solar power regulation, the SL Series works very well for that.) They offer a 5-year warranty, with an additional 2 years available if you send the system back before then for inspection and repair. The KID series is particularly well-suited for marine environments, safely operating where there may be flammable gases and with rigorous vibration, environment, and thermal requirements.