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When Magnum Dimensions decided to bring an MPPT solar charge controller to the market, they were determined to set a new standard in value and price for their customers. The result is the Power Track PT-100, the world’s first 100 amp maximum output solar charge controller. A single PT-100 controller supports a large PV array up to 6600W. This makes it one of the only products on the market that allows for managing an entire solar array through a single charge controller in a standard residential-based system, resulting in a more compact and cost-effective deployment.

The PT-100 is compatible with 12-volt, 24-volt, and 48-volt battery systems, with automatic detection of system voltage. The 100 amp maximum output is maintained regardless of battery voltage. The controller boasts 99% conversion efficiency and uses less than 4 watts of power in nighttime mode. An intelligent and integrated automatic battery temperature compensation system utilizes the included external temperature sensor to optimize battery charging, even during extreme temperature changes. The built-in arc fault and ground fault protection systems provide pre-fault leakage and diagnostic metering and present additional savings by eliminating the need to implement those systems separately.

The die-cast aluminum frame assists with heat dissipation and enables sufficient passive cooling most of the time, with an active cooling fan that kicks in as needed. A large wiring box provides easy installation and wiring, and serviceability is a breeze as the controller can be easily removed from its platform without disconnecting the wiring conduit. The PT-100 is designed to work with a Magnum Panel (MP) or Mini-Magnum Panel (MMP) for easy and efficient system wiring. The digital display on the front panel gives you the PV array volts and KW production, as well as the voltage and amps going in and out of the batteries. It’s compatible with any remote but integrates best with the advanced remote from Magnum Dimensions.

As an added benefit, Magnum provides an online PV Array Calculator for the Magnum Energy PT-100 Charge Controller, accessible at

Both the MPPT PT-100 and their larger CC-30 and CC-40 PWM charge controllers also feature an easy-to-read LCD display. These allow you to change operating modes and monitor state of charge, voltage, and current.