Off-Grid Solar Products

At Zonna Energy, we stock everything needed to stay ahead of the game in the off-grid solar industry. If you’re an installer looking for a faster, more knowledgeable solar system parts supplier, look no further than Zonna Energy. We ship parts fast, at the best prices in the industry. Sign up for a dealer account to get started.

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Charge Controllers (50)

The solar charge controllers we supply are cost-effective and tough, while delivering maximum energy extraction and protecting batteries. You can choose from products that work well with various off grid solar power supply systems and the full range of batteries—sealed, GEL, flooded, and lithium.

Charge Controllers

Inverters (121)

Choose the inverters you need from the leading brands in the solar industry! We supply products for every situation—powering outdoor, mobile, or household systems. Count on these to provide a high return on investment, while being easy to install and monitor. Zonna Energy is ready to help you find the best inverters for your off-grid solar system installations!


Replacement Parts (46)

We supply a wide array of parts both for installers and inverter repair. If you need a system component to install or fix your system, check out our catalog.

Replacement Parts

Solar Batteries: Batteries for Off-Grid Systems (104)

Battery technology continues to improve, and we’ve partnered with a brand that’s developed great new features. Enjoy maintenance-free or low-maintenance batteries that last longer, perform better, and operate more safely than similar competing products!

Solar Batteries: Batteries for Off-Grid Systems

Monitoring Systems and Software (8)

If you’re looking for monitoring systems and software for your solar energy system, we got you! We carry the most up-to-date monitoring systems from the leading solar brands.

Monitoring Systems and Software

Power Distribution Panels (77)

Make solar system setup easier by putting all the necessary components for an off-grid solar system into a single compact enclosure that includes power distribution panels.

Power Distribution Panels

Solar Accessories (215)

If you’re in search of accessories to complete your solar energy system installation, Zonna is your go-to destination! We offer affordable solar accessories readily available in our warehouse for quick shipping.

Solar Accessories

Pre-wired Inverter Systems (36)

Take the idea of easy and fast installation to a whole new level for better performance, value, and flexibility. Just put up the mounting bracket, hang the system on the wall, connect everything, and your system will be ready to go in a snap.

Pre-wired Inverter Systems

Converters (7)

If you are looking to find the finest converters, Zonna Energy is here for you! We carry the most common converters from top-notch solar companies such as Progressive Dynamics and more! Let us be your solar equipment supplier and get your converters on time!


All-In-One Systems (8)

Shop for the best new all-in-one off-grid solar energy system from a wide range of options, including top solar energy brands like OutBack Power, Magnum Dimensions, and many other brands! We have Mojave ESS series from OutBack Power and there will be more to come in the near future.

All-In-One Systems

Battery Chargers/Power Converters (10)

If you need a power converter and battery charger for your off-grid solar installation project, choose Zonna for competitive prices and quick delivery.

Battery Chargers/Power Converters