Outback Radian GS Series Prewired 300VDC PV Load Center (GSLC-PV-300VDC)

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Outback Radian GS Series Prewired 300VDC PV Load Center (GSLC-PV-300VDC)

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OutBack Power’s GS Load Centers are an integrated connection enclosure series for AC and DC system connections in OutBack Radian Series inverter/charger applications, through provided inverter DC overcurrent protection and disconnects, dual AC inputs, gridtied inverter connection and 120/240VAC or 230V maintenance bypass.
GS Load Center factory prepared for PV and AC Applications, with inverter DC overcurrent protection and disconnect, dual AC inputs, 120/240 VAC maintenance bypass assembly, PV GFDI, and two PV array inputs, FLEXnet DC battery monitor and three shunts. Plug and play for systems which have a single Radian inverter and two charge controllers and need battery monitoring.
Includes: Ground bus-bar, three 500 Amp DC shunts and shunt bus-bar, neutral bus bar, two PV bus bars (positive), inverter bus bars, FW-BBUS, two 175A panel mount breakers, four 50A 120/240VAC double-pole panel mount breakers, sliding bypass interlock, two 80A array disconnects, dual pole GFDI and controller disconnects, FLEXnet DC, AC and DC wiring and enclosure mounting hardware.
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