MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller, 30A, 150V

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MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller, 30A, 150V

Midnite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller, 30A, 150V

  • 30Amp MPPT Charge Controller
  • 12-48 Volt DC Battery output
  • Up To 150 Volts DC solar input w/ HyperVOC
  • LCD Display and Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Meets NEC 2011 Requirements
  • AGS (Auto Generator Start)

MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller, 30A, 150V

We’re at a loss for words when it comes to Midnite Solar’s MNKID-W 30 amp MPPT charge controller! Because it offers true input paralleling, the KID is excellent for small renewable energy systems. As your power needs grow and you need more than 30A, add more modules to the array and a second KID. This will supply twice the power of a single array while also acting as the system’s 60A charging controller. Up to 12 charge controllers can be linked together for even more potential, resulting in a fantastic, scalable system.

MidNite Solar’s KID 30A MPPT charge controller is ideal for small PV-powered renewable energy projects. As your energy needs grow, connect a second KID in parallel to obtain twice the power from a single array. This modular charge controller is designed to work with modules that have 72 or 60 cells. The KID is the only medium-sized charge controller that is NEC 2011 compliant.

Features: MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller

  • True paralleling – Inputs and Outputs for two KIDs.
  • Load/Clipper function user selectable. Clipper function is used on Wind/Hydro and requires an additional Midnite KID Clipper.
  • Lighting Controller: dusk-dawn; hourly; day; night settings.
  • Up to 30 amps battery output with low input voltage based on PV configuration.
  • There is no fan, allowing for quiet operation.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • 3 LED bar graphs for quick battery status.
  • The keypad allows access to a large number of menu items and set points.
  • Sealed for harsh environments.
  • 5 years of warranty.

Documents: MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller

FAQs: MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller

☁️  Is it possible to utilize the MNKID-W Charge Controller with a 1600 watt PV setup at 48 volts?

🔎  You can use MidNite Solar’s sizing tool to see if this MidNite Solar MNKID-W Charge Controller will work with a 1600 watt PV system at 48 volts.


☁️  Can I use the MNKID-W Charge Controller with a 600 watt 12 volt PV system?

🔎  The wattage will suffice, but it will be limited to 30A at peak sunlight, whereas the array could be capable of close to 50A under ideal conditions with a larger controller like the MNKID-W (600/12=50). Setting the array to 24V rather than 12V would be desirable for best performance, especially if your batteries are flooded and require frequent equalization cycles.


☁️  Does the MNKID-W Charge Controller include a better wall mount?

🔎  Yes! A wall mount adapter is included with the MidNite Solar MNKID-W MPPT Charge Controller.


☁️  Will the MNKID-W Charge Controller function properly if the solar panels are oriented in various directions?

🔎  It won’t be an issue at all. In contrast, your solar input must be at least 30% more than your battery bank voltage.


☁️  Should an inverter be connected to the batteries or the MNKID-W Charge Controller’s load terminal?

🔎  Because an inverter requires surge capacity, the warning sign on the box clearly states: WARNING, do not connect an inverter directly to the load terminals on this device. If you want the inverter to cut out dependent on the state of the battery banks, you can link the load to a relay that runs the inverter’s output or input, regulating the power outflow without damaging the charge controller.


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