Midnite Solar 10 Amp 300 VDC DIN Mount Breaker

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Midnite Solar 10 Amp 300 VDC DIN Mount Breaker

Midnite 10 Amp 300 Volt DIN Mount Breaker

10 amp 300VDC din rail mount breaker.

MNEPV breakers are the same as CBI QY breakers except the standard used is inadequate for the solar industry. MidNite breakers have been evaluated by ETL to 300VDC and are listed for US and Canada. All of the NRTL listings still apply. Breakers ordered under the CBI part numbering system will not be listed for 300VDC and in many cases are not suitable for the solar industry. 

All MidNite circuit breakers hold 100% rated current independent of ambient temperature. 

Listed for US & Canada

Midnites breakers are rated to break the full rated load at the rated voltage repeatedly, with no damage. Always use a properly sized breaker for disconnecting.