Outback Ground Terminal Bus Bar

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Available in Black, Red, Blue, White, Brown, and non-insulated (for grounding). Use for adding more wire terminations or for isolating or grounding multiple positive / negative circuits. Usable in any system, on or off grid – not just Outback Power systems. Also good for RV and marine. All TBB models have three #1/0 to 14 AWG and eight #6 to 14 AWG screw type compression terminals, which means no ring lugs required. The Battery Bus is .25″ (7 mm) thick tin plated copper and can be mounted on the back plate of any enclosure.

TBB-BLACK: Bus bar with black insulators – use as L1 hot or DC negative.
TBB-RED: Bus bar with red insulators – use as L2 hot or DC positive.
TBB-BLUE: Bus bar with blue insulators – use as Phase C on three phase systems.
TBB-WHITE: Bus bar with white insulators – use as AC neutral or DC negative.
TBB-BROWN: Bus bar with brown insulators – use as AC hot in European systems.
TBB-Ground: non-insulated – use as a general purpose ground buss bar for systems.

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