Fortress eVault 18.5kWh Lithium Battery

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Fortress eVault 18.5kWh Lithium Battery

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SKU: eVault-18.5

Expandable from 18.5 kWh to 222 kWh for both residential and commercial buildings.

Competitively priced and easy to install with >98% round-trip efficiency.

10-year warranty; up to 6,000+ cycles.

Fortress Power’s engineers are on a mission to provide you with the most advanced Prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery available! Not only is the new Fortress eVault 18.5 kWh battery safe, long-lasting and affordable, but is also equipped with a brand new LCD screen that displays Voltage, State of Charge (SOC), Power Output and Operating Status.

The Built-In Smart and Reliable Relay-Based Battery Management System integrates multilevel safety concepts for excellent performance:

Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection

Over Current Protection

Voltage and Temperature Monitoring

Over-heat protection

Cell Monitoring and Balancing