EnergyCell 1300RE

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EnergyCell 1300RE

1240 AH, 48 Volt Battery

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The EnergyCell RE High Capacity battery family offers an ideal solution for large applications requiring the use of Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries.

The EnergyCell RE High Capacity battery’s modular design concept with steel-can casing and its integral racking system provide a costeffective battery system with a compact, quick and simple installation process. The EnergyCell RE High Capacity battery system’s cell design, with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, incorporates thicker positive plates for longer battery life. The welded/epoxy dual-post sealed design provides the highest integrity battery casing in the industry—large copper post design also enhances high rate performance.

Cells are encased in the module’s protective steel can encases the cells to maintain constant, uniform compression for the life of the battery. The easy-to-assemble racking provides total flexibility for system configuration and allows fast, simple installation even in the most difficult locations. The EnergyCell RE High Capacity battery, with its optimized recombination chemistry and extra thick plates, has excellent performance, extended service life and low maintenance requirements for grid-interactive and off-grid renewable energy and UPS applications.

EnergyCell 1300RE Datasheet
EnergyCell 1300RE Battery Configuration