EMP Hardened Sol-Ark 12K ALL-IN-ONE

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EMP Hardened Sol-Ark 12K ALL-IN-ONE

All-In-One 12KW Design for quick and efficient install time!

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Sol-Ark 12K’s All-In-One design cuts install time in half. With 2x MPPTs, and a 9kW continuous / 20kW peak inverter, a user-friendly wiring area, and integrated remote monitoring.
Sol-Ark 12K supports simultaneous DC and AC coupling up to a combined 16.5kW of PV.
Sol-Ark 12K acts as a massive uninterruptible power supply with a lightning fast 4ms transfer time.

Hardened to protect against solar flares and EMP strikes

Transformerless, Works with or without batteries!
-Integrated AGS (automatic generator start)
-Two Built-In 500V Charge Controllers
-Dual PV Input
-48V Battery Input
-Rapid Shutdown Signal
-Built in Arc Fault and Ground Fault detection
-Input/Output Breakers included
-Dual Input
-Split Phase or Three Phase 120/208/240vac
-Capable of parallel stacking
-10 Year Warranty
Free remote monitoring & Programming.