Integrated Battery Rack (3 Level)

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Integrated Battery Rack (3 Level)

IBR-3-48-175 / Comprehensive battery enclosure with cabling and series string overcurrent protection

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Our line of pre-assembled battery racks are designed to meet the needs of system integrators and installers and provide the best of both worlds.

The innovative OutBack Integrated Battery Rack (IBR) system is a comprehensive battery enclosure which includes all cell interconnects, cabling and series string overcurrent protection and disconnects. All electrical connections are made at the factory and ship fully assembled with the exception of the batteries, which can be quickly added and connected on the job site, making the IBR uniquely easy to specify, order and install.
Unlike typical steel racks or sheet-metal enclosures, the OutBack design is crafted of powder-coated aluminum, resulting in a cleaner appearance able to withstand the most challenging environments– while weighing less than 90 pounds. The two-shelf IBR is sized to fit under an OutBack Radian inverter/charger to reduce system component “clutter” and make the best use of installation space. Clear covers on the racks permit visual inspection of internal components while providing additional protection for the batteries and electrical connections.

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