SimpliPhi Power – AmpliPhi-3-8-48 Batteries

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SimpliPhi Power – AmpliPhi-3-8-48 Batteries

  • Chemistry: Lithium Ferro Phosphate (lfp)
  • 48 Vdc/75 Ah
  • 10,000+ Life Cycles (@ 80% Dod)
  • 100 Amp Disconnect Breaker
  • Maintenance Free
  • 10/yr Limited Warranty

AmpliPHI-3-8-48: The AmpliPHI has a Battery Management System (BMS) with closed-loop communications that are pre-configured with Sol-Ark inverters to report SOC and other key real-time data, maximizing the value of storage and functionality inside balance-of-system equipment. When used in conjunction with our proven overcurrent protection (OCPD) and easily accessible 100 Amp DC breaker On/Off switch, installation time is decreased, and safety is increased during system setup for residential and commercial systems, both on and off-grid. The AmpliPHI is designed to scale up to 40 batteries and offer pre-configured communications with other inverter manufacturers, which will be disclosed soon.

Features: AmpliPHI-3-8-48 Batteries

  • 51.2 Nominal DC Voltages
  • 75 Amp-Hours
  • Up to 40 Maximum Quantity Per System
  • 100 Amps Max Discharge Rate (10 minutes)
  • 37.5 Amps Max Continuous Discharge Rate
  • 37.5 Amps Max Continous Charge Rate
  • Up to 100% Depth of Discharge
  • 32° to 120° F Charging Temperature
  • -4° to 140° F Operating Temperature

Documents: AmpliPHI-3-8-48 Batteries

Videos: AmpliPHI-3-8-48 Batteries

SimpliPhi PHI Battery Product Series Overview

SimpliPhi PHI AmpliPhi-3.8-48 Overview

In this video, you will find the details of AmpliPHI-3.8-48 Batteries. Five various batteries come in different sizes, from 730 watt-hours up to 3.8-kilowatt-hours. How these five various batteries different built-in sizes that allow installers to scale up or scale down to fit any project.

Paralleling PHI Batteries with Threaded Studs Using Battery Cables

Paralleling AmpliPhi-3.8-48 Batteries with Threaded Studs Using Battery Cables

In this video, you will learn how to wire SimpliPhi Power Batteries in parallel using battery cables.

Paralleling PHI Batteries using Busbars

Paralleling AmpliPhi-3.8-48 Batteries Using Busbars

In this video, you will learn how to wire SimpliPhi Power Batteries in Parallel using interconnecting battery busbars and battery cables.

Integration Guides: AmpliPHI-3-8-48 Batteries

Calculators: AmpliPHI-3.8-48 Batteries

FAQs: AmpliPHI-3.8-48 Batteries

☁️  Does AmpliPHI-3.8-48 built-in with overcurrent protection? 

🔎  Yes, AmpliPHI batteries combined with our proven overcurrent protection (OCPD) and accessible 100 Amp DC breaker On/Off switch.

☁️  How many batteries is the AmpliPHI designed to scale up to?

🔎  The AmpliPHI, which can scale up to 40 batteries, will come with pre-configured communications with other inverter manufacturers that will be disclosed soon.

☁️  How many years of warranty does SimpliPHI Power provide for the AmpliPHI battery series?

🔎  SimpliPHI Power provides 10/yr of warranty for AmpliPHI batteries.

☁️  How many life cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge does the AmpliPHI-3.8-48 have?

🔎  AmpliPHI-3.8-48 has up to 10.000 life cycles @ 80% DOD.

☁️  How heavy is the AmpliPHI3.8-48?

🔎  AmpliPHI3.8-48 is 86 lbs.

How To Buy: SimpliPHI Power – AmpliPHI-3.8-48

All you need to know is how to buy AmpliPHI-3.8-48 Batteries if you’re ready to buy them. First, please create an account with us to become a dealer. We will examine and approve your account creation request once you have made an account with us. After that, we’ll contact you to confirm your new account, and you’ll become a verified client with a dealer account, giving you access to wholesale rates and same-day shipment (it might be the next business day on some of the products).

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