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Your Source for All Your Off-Grid Renewable Energy Solutions

Founded in 2008 in Millersburg, Ohio, Zonna Energy has grown into a full-service supplier for solar installers across North America and the Caribbean. Why should you source your solar systems from us? Consider the following:

competitive solar energy equipment supplier

Real-World Experience. Real-World Parts.

Based on our own field experience of installing and supporting off-grid solar systems, we have partnered with the leading brands of the off-grid industry to bring you, the installer, the highest quality products at unbelievable prices.

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Fast Shipping

We have distribution centers in Millersburg Ohio and New Holland Pennsylvania to assure your products get shipped in a timely manner. In fact, if you order by 3:00 pm, your shipment will leave on the same day your order was placed.

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expert solar energy equipment supplier

Best Pricing and Support

All our team members have 5 to 15 years of experience in designing and installation of RE systems. We believe that every customer should be treated as family and receive pricing and support that grows your business, your brand, and your profits.

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Choose a Solar Wholesale Supplier That Understands Off-Grid

Zonna Energy is not just any solar energy equipment supplier. With decades of combined experience in off-grid solar installs, the Zonna team understands the frustrations inherent to getting the perfect combination of Solar Panels, Batteries, Racking, Inverters, and Charge Controllers for each project. If you’re looking for someone who understands the industry and can help you get the right parts to the right place at the right time, partner with Zonna Energy!

Our Mission

At Zonna Energy, our mission is to become your go-to solar wholesale supplier. We earn your business through providing:

  • Quick response time. When you order before 3:30 p.m., we ship your order the same day. You don’t want to wait for the supplies you need on important projects—we want to get them to you as quickly as possible!
  • Knowledgeable support.  Our sales team has years of experience in installing off-grid power systems. They can quickly direct you to the products you need and answer questions you have about pricing or installation.
  • Competitive pricing. Looking to reduce your supply costs? We work to offer you the best products at affordable prices.

We also provide repair services for Magnum, Outback, and Schneider Electric inverters. We keep an extensive inventory on hand so that we can repair and return inverters within 2-3 days.

Our Values


As a solar wholesale supplier, we care not just about the products you get from us, but also the experience you have in ordering and receiving them. We aim to make this as efficient and simple. If you have any issues with any order, we are committed to solving those as quickly as possible.


We know how important it is to give clients great value, and we’ve selected each product and brand to help you maximize your customers’ satisfaction. We believe these will serve your clients well long-term, while making your job easier—easing installation and lowering maintenance costs.


When you choose Zonna as your wholesale solar supplier, you’ll find that we stand by our commitments, and we will be honest with you about what we offer. We care more about doing what’s right for you than making a quick profit at your expense. We want to build a relationship with your business based on trust—that we do aim to provide great service and quality products, and that if we fail to do that, we make it right.

Our History

In 2008 Jonathan Miller became a solar wholesale supplier, founding J. Miller Sales to supply renewable energy equipment to the local community around Millersburg, Ohio. By then, Jonathan already had five years of experience in installing renewable energy systems. Over the next decade, he grew the business significantly, eventually shipping products and providing support to customers across every state in the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico.

The company underwent a significant change in 2017 when an ownership group from Pennsylvania, already in the off-grid power industry since 1979, decided to take on this thriving company, partnering with Jonathan as the sales manager. One of the three brothers in this ownership group, Matthew Smucker, currently oversees operations in his office in Pennsylvania. With over 14 years of experience in designing and installing renewable energy systems, Matthew is working to expand the business’s legacy of growth and service.

We’re committed to wholesale solar, and aim to be the supplier you can rely on for Trojan Battery, Magnum Energy, and Schneider Electric, and more reliable solar energy parts and systems