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Zonna’s partnership with Trojan Battery means better batteries, better pricing, and better service. A big win for your solar business.

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We Offer the Best of Trojan Battery Solar Wholesale

Deep-Cycle Solar AGM Batteries (7)

Known for being safe and maintenance-free, the deep-cycle Solar AGM batteries from Trojan are a great choice for all sorts of off-grid energy systems. Whether your clients have a remote micro-grid or a commercial operation, these AGM batteries will deliver consistent power over the long-term, regardless of the conditions. They come in 6V, 8V, and 12V models.

Deep-Cycle Solar AGM Batteries

Solar Industrial Flooded Batteries (8)

If you’re installing an off-grid system in a setting with a consistently heavy energy load, the Solar Industrial line of batteries can supply the power you need, ranging from 2V-6V. They come in a casing designed to resist moisture and dirt, while preventing leaks and making maintenance easy.

Solar Industrial Flooded Batteries

Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion Batteries (3)

Demonstrating Trojan Battery’s commitment to advanced technologies combined with unparalleled durability and longevity, the recently unveiled Trillium™ batteries bring Lithium Ion batteries to the solar market—Trojan style. The Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion batteries from Trojan set a new standard in the battery industry. They a perfect drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in almost any application, providing more runtime and lifetime, with an astounding life expectancy of well over 5,000 cycles.

Trillium™ Intelligent Li-Ion Batteries

Trojan Battery (18)

An American battery producer with nearly a 100-year legacy, the Trojan Battery company has invested significantly in the solar industry. Trojan’s Smart Carbon™ technology provides improved charge acceptance, faster recharge, and 15% increased charge cycles, specifically engineered for systems where batteries experience partial state of charge—a common challenge in off-grid solar systems.

Trojan Battery
Trojan Battery Wholesale Supplier

Zonna Energy: Your Trojan Battery Supplier

Looking for a Trojan Solar Battery supplier? You obviously have high standards for the quality and delivery of the equipment that powers your solar projects. Trojan Battery was, is, and remains an industry leader in the battery market for decades, and their recent rebrand, “charging forward” slogan, and new product lines demonstrate they aren’t losing any ground.

Trojan Battery Company: Charging Forward

At Zonna Energy, we don’t simply carry and distribute Trojan Batteries, we prize this relationship as our foremost and preferred brand of solar batteries. When you choose Zonna as your Trojan Battery solar wholesale supplier, you aren’t buying from just another Trojan Battery solar energy equipment supplier, you’re buying from experienced off-grid experts. We won’t be beaten in our passion and experience with determining and provisioning the right batteries for every job.

Why Trojan Battery is so important for off-grid solar.

You know solar battery technology is continuing to change, and how important it is to be on the cutting edge of what’s new. In addition to its four state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facilities, Trojan Battery runs two research and development centers. In these, they’ve developed technologies that set their batteries apart, outperforming the competition in tests and winning numerous awards.

Would you like to install batteries that are easy to maintain? Trojan’s HydroLink™ Watering System makes watering batteries easy and simple, with their water level indicator, flame arrestors, and quick fill (less than 30 seconds). Plus, they offer a full 4-year warranty!

Off-grid systems cycle batteries at a partial state of charge (PSOC), reducing their longevity. Seeing this problem, Trojan developed Smart Carbon™ technology, making it standard for their Solar Industrial and Premium flooded battery lines. This formula extends the life of batteries that operate often while undercharged.

Another standard feature in Trojan’s line of flooded batteries is their Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology™ with Trojan Grid Technology. The paste is designed to process the chemicals in the battery more effectively, using the T2 metal agent to maximize this action. The grid technology is a lead antimony alloy that ensures structural adhesion to the Alpha Plus paste, while speeding current flow. Together, these features improve performance and reduce maintenance.

You love batteries that last longer than you expect them to, right? Trojan knows this, and they have developed the Maxguard™ T2 Separator, with a multi-rib support system that keeps battery plates apart, allowing acid channels to stay open longer. You’ll cut costs for your clients with the extended life of these batteries, available in Trojan’s Premium and Industrial lines!