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With over 180 years of cumulated experience in energy systems, Schneider Electric is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of solar parts and systems. Backed by a global infrastructure and years of research, development, testing, and quality control, Schneider Electric equipment has some of the best efficiency and reliability you’ll find anywhere in the solar industry. When you assemble off-grid systems using Schneider systems, you’re benefiting directly from the same technology that powers some of the largest solar farms and power plants around the world.

In the realm of solar, design issues have been shown to contribute to over 80% of field failures. That’s why Schneider Electric is committed to an aggressive level of design and process improvement, including careful selection and sourcing of system components, field failure rate monitoring, and extensive testing and quality control. All Schneider Electric parts are subjected to some of the industry’s most rigorous standardized testing procedures including Multiple Environment Over Stress Testing (MEOST), Temperature, Humidity, Bias Testing (THB), Salt Fog and Corrosion Testing, and additional custom reliability tests. When selecting solar system components from Schneider Electric, you can rest assured that quality and reliability are built into the design of each component.

schneider electric quality reliability cycle

Schneider Electric's Quality and Reliability Design Cycle

halt testing on schneider electric components for wholesale distribution

Rigorous Stress Testing Ensure Quality Components

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Easy Systems Integration & Configuration

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Digital Management & Monitoring

Unlike some other brands which specialize in only a few of the parts required for a complete off-grid residential or commercial solar system, Schneider Electric’s array of solar components is extensive enough to piece together most of the components required for an advanced solar install with a few straight-forward design decisions. The Schneider Electric portfolio includes inverters, solar charge controllers, control panels, battery monitors, AC & DC distribution panels, digital management and monitoring connectivity, and more. In fact, Schneider Electric can provide every necessary major piece of an off-grid install except for the solar panels and batteries.

Speaking of batteries, allow us to introduce why you should choose Zonna as your preferred supplier for Schneider Electric Solar systems and more. At Zonna Energy, we don’t just stock shelves and ship parts (fast!), we have an indepth understanding of all the products that we supply, including our stock of batteries. If you have experience in the realm of batteries, you know that experience is needed in the realm of batteries. Unlike other mechanical and solid state technologies, battery cells exhibit more of the qualities of a living organism. Great care and deep understanding is required to source and match the right batteries for each project.

Not only do we select and distribute the best possible components from Schneider Electric for off-grid solar, Zonna Energy is staffed by solar system and battery experts who can help ensure each system you install is matched to the perfect battery bank for maximum performance, reliability, and return on investment. Combine this with quick response time, competitive pricing, and fast shipping, and you can see why sourcing your solar systems from Zonna Energy is a win-win for your solar business and your customers.

In a nutshell: Choose Schneider Electric for quality components, and Zonna for unparalleled pricing, delivery, and support.

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If you’re looking forward to installing an off-grid solar system that requires a distribution panel from Schneider Electric, we’ve got you covered! You can easily fill-out our “Become A Dealer” form to be able to order your next distribution panel online with us and we’ll ship it to you within the same day!

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