Phocos + Zonna Energy

Phocos is Your Any-Grid™ partner that designs and delivers world-class solutions for energy production, storage, and conservation to enable universal access to reliable energy.

Phocos Solar Wholesale Supplier

Does your off-grid solar system need a solar part from Phocos? If so, we carry and stock the best solar parts from Phocos for your off-grid solar installation. Don’t lose your time, money, and effort to find a solar part from Phocos. Become a dealer with us and get your Phocos products delivered! Same-day shipping option is available and even makes it easier to gain.

Advantages of Phocos

Phocos offers the best-possible off-grid solar solutions to its customers for over 20 years. Phocos have been found in 2000 and their solar energy products were found to provide reliable energy access for people without grid power. They care about the individuals and communities our product support because we know when people have access to reliable power, their lives are changed for the better.

Phocos is a global solar energy manufacturer with its headquarters located in Germany, supported by three regional offices in the USA, India, and China. After being in the off-grid solar industry for 20 years, they’ve grown from Off-Grid Partner to Any-Grid Partner as they expand their product offering to meet more energy access challenges in the global solar market today.

Who is Phocos?

Phocos is a world-class manufacturer of electronics for off-grid or edge-of-grid applications. Our product spectrum is wide, ranging from solar charge controllers to inverters to energy-efficient DC appliances. Products developed and manufactured by Phocos are eco-friendly, efficient and offer reliable, cost-effective power solutions anywhere, anytime, and for Any-Grid.

Why Phocos?

Watch what people say about Phocos at a solar energy systems seminar.

Zonna Energy Is a Supplier for Installers

At Zonna Energy, we make sure to carry and supply the first-class manufacturers to our installers! We understand how frustrating it could be to not get a response from your solar parts supplier. Our destination is to meet with our installer’s needs and provide them with the off-grid solar products they need to accomplish their solar install. If you are tired of receiving the wrong products at the wrong time, you should consider partnering with Zonna energy to avoid passive suppliers.

Our off-grid solar experts at Zonna Energy will make sure that you receive the same product you’ve ordered and received it at the estimated time! If you are not familiar with the product you are purchasing to accomplish your install, our experts would like to explain the product’s specifications and assist you with the installation guides.

Bonus: Our same-day shipping (for orders placed before 3:00 am EST), we are making sure that our installers get their parts ASAP!

We Offer the Best of Phocos