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Off-grid solar has a nationally known leader in the design and manufacturing of off-grid’s most crucial products. It’s no secret that reputation proceeds at OutBack Power for the ingenuity of their battery-based, off-grid renewable energy systems. OutBack Power sparked to life in 2001, charged by three experienced engineers with an impressive history of developing technologies for renewable energy applications. From its very beginning until today, OutBack, has been actively pioneering off-grid solar innovations and driving toward a perfected future in making off-grid solar an affordable and reliable choice for your installation success. Here at Zonna Energy we are all about equipping you with the best possible products to make your job as an off-grid installer, not only a success, but leave you feeling even more competent and confident in your career.

Initially, OutBack power designed and manufactured integration hardware, next came an advanced line of inverters delivering pure sine wave power. They didn’t stop there, they expanded to include off-grid converters with battery back-up, maximum power point tracking charge controllers, communications products, and a powerful and life-sustaining production of Energy Cell Batteries.

Outback’s products are designed to equip you in installing reliable energy for your customers, whether its energy needed for a remote woods cabin or a residential suburban home, you will be empowered to make their off-grid dream come true. Now nearly 20 years later, OutBack Power continues to lead the charge with their fully UL 1741 SA listed Radian Series and FXR Series Inverters and Chargers and System Edge packages. These technologies bring together the freedom of off-grid power and the comfort of smart home technology capable of being used for any of your off-grid installation applications.

We Offer the Best of OutBack Power’s Products

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FLEXmax 100 AFCI

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300V MPPT Charge Controller

We know in off-grid applications what a crucial role batteries play into making off-grid solar possible, which is why we need to be equipped with the best charge controller to be able to ensure our batteries get properly fed, avoiding overcharge and overvoltage. OutBack Power’s FLEXmax 100 AFCI fits the bill. It is made with an arc fault circuit detection and interrupter built into its design. They come with active cooling and ehanced MPPT algorithm for increased energy harvest especially in harsh environments, such as tropical or cold climates. These charge controllers have field upgradeable firmware and are listed to UL 1699B with local and remote indication. When using FLEXmax 100 your installation cost is reduced by up to 1,000 per charge controller in NEC 2017-compliant systems. FLEXmax 100 is engineered for reliability with a 5yr. warranty which ensures your customer satisfaction.
Check out this webinar on the FLEXmx 100 AFCI and become more knowledgeable on this innovative charge controller.

Webinar | OutBack FLEXmax 100 AFCI - NEC 2017 Solutions

View The FLEX Max 100 AFCI

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Radian Series

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Full-Flexibility, Grid-Interactive/Off-Grid
As installers, you work daily with complex systems and product lines. So, whenever there is an innovation in off-grid that is meant to simplify your life and your job, it is a gem. The gem we offer you at Zonna Energy is OutBack’s Radian Series. This product is a one system solution for off-grid power. The Radian Series is a flexible product with no external switching required. The Radian Series comes with an integrated balance of load center (GSLC). Additionally, we know that a successful installation is not just about the inverter itself; we must have an integrated balance of load system so that it makes installation and integration of the system successful. The Radian Series offers unsurpassed surge capability and operational stability. Its advanced voltage control circuit prevents uncontrollable voltage when the AC drops. If you are installing for a large system, the Radian Series is capable of being stacked.

Learn all this and more by listening to this OutBack Power webinar on the Radian Series GS8048

Introducing OutBack Power Radian Series GS8048

The Inverters We supply

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Energy Cell FLA

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OutBack Power knows how critical batteries are in making off-grid solar installations successful. And that is why Zonna Energy offers you their EnergyCell FLA batteries. These flooded lead acid batteries provide the consistency needed for comfortable off-grid living. The EnergyCell FLA was created for demanding deep-cycle off-grid applications. OutBack designed the cell construction with the purpose of reducing water loss during the charging service. As a result, these batteries bring to the table a superiority in their performance and shelf life. The EnergyCell FLA batteries were created with additional fluid headspace above the plate which offers extended productivity between watering service intervals. OutBack Power offers three models of the EnergyCell FLA: EnergyCell 290FLA, EnergyCell 525FLA, and EnergyCell 1400FLA. As a bonus, the EnergyCell 525FLA features an electrolyte indicator which you will find on the lid. This indicator signals when watering service is required.

It is Zonna Energy’s mission to supply you with the right kind of battery for your specific off-grid solar installation needs. Sharpen your knowledge of OutBack’s available batteries in renewable energy, while exploring for yourself which batteries OutBack Power would suggest for your future installation applications.

Webinar | Battery Offerings from OutBack Power

These are just a few of the many products that OutBack has to offer. At Zonna Energy, we know the OutBack Products like the back of our hand. Give us a call for any questions about other inverters, batteries, and charge controllers available from OutBack!

The Batteries We Supply