MidNite Solar Supplier: Zonna Energy

MidNite Solar’s products are prized for extreme flexibility, features, and interoperability with products from different manufacturers. Source your MidNite parts from Zonna Energy, your wholesale solar equipment supplier, and take advantage of wholesale solar prices and next-day shipping opportunities!

We Offer the Best of Midnite Solar

MidNite Solar Transfer Switches (2)

Transfer switches are designed for solar power use in your system as a back-up to your power. Transfer switches allow you to auto switch from solar to mains to adjust the usage of the solar power in your system. We carry and deliver the best possible transfer switches to the location of your choice. There are also dual power automatic transfer switches and solar charge controllers with an automatic transfer switch.

MidNite Solar Transfer Switches

Midnite Solar Accessories (92)

MidNite Solar provides a wide array of accessories for all your solar system project’s needs such as Mount Breakers, Mounting Brackets, Relays, Plated Copper Plates, Shunts, Strain Reliefs, Water Tightening Hole Plugs, Wrenches used for E-Panels, Sliders Replacements, Dead Fronts Replacements, Fuse Adapter Replacements, Din Rails (to fit Nottagutter, includes mounting hardware as well), Resistors, Slider assembly Kits, and more!

Midnite Solar Accessories

MidNite Solar Inverters (4)

If you’re seeking high-quality solar energy parts from MidNite Solar, we’ve got you covered! You can order any MidNite Solar inverters for your solar energy project and have them delivered to you!

MidNite Solar Inverters

Midnite Solar Remote Trip Breakers (5)

Zonna Energy offers a full array of breakers for your energy needs. Our selection includes DIN mount, Panel Mount, Pole Mount, Ground Fault, and PV Array style breakers to give you full control of building a system to fit your specific needs. With a wide variety of AMP’s and Voltage, we offer both AC and DC breakers to choose from.

Midnite Solar Remote Trip Breakers

Ark Batteries (3)

Choose Zonna Energy as your Ark Battery – solar storage batteries wholesale supplier and take advantage of next-day shipping options and get an expert from our support team to find answers to all of your questions as an off-grid solar energy installer!

Ark Batteries
Midnite Solar Wholesale Supplier

It might be difficult to believe that a small All-USA solar systems manufacturer offers bleeding-edge security and features while beating the pricing of the “the big guys”, but MidNite Solar has done it, again and again! Here are some of the reasons why you would choose MidNite Solar products:

MidNite Solar Advantages

  • MidNite Solar runs all of its operations, including manufacturing, exclusively in the USA, and are guaranteed to meet and exceed USA electric codes for years to come! Avoid the risk of quality, compatibility, and compliance issues that arise from foreign products.
  • MidNite Solar’s products are safe and secure. Every part undergoes rigorous testing by their solar system experts.
  • MidNite Solar’s Charge Controllers and E-Panels work with the most popular brands of inverters such as Magnum, Outback, Schneider, Samlex, and more!
  • MidNite Solar also streamlines installation by providing pre-wired inverters, which will save you time, money, and effort!
  • Additionally, all of the products, parts, and supplies that MidNite Solar manufactures will be backed up by their incredible 5-year warranty.

Zonna Energy; MidNite Solar Supplier for Installers

At Zonna, we aren’t just concerned with selling parts. We care that each project is fitted with the best possible components to strike the right balance of cost, capacity, and reliability. If you’re considering buying components from MidNite Solar, you’ll need to ensure that these are the right fit for your projects, and will work well with all the other components in your install.

We not only stock the parts, at unbeatable prices (for installers), but we also care about making sure you understand the advantages and requirements of each component in your system design. Zonna is staffed by field-experienced off-grid solar experts, and we’ll help you find the system design that will best serve your customers.

We carry the best of MidNite Solar, as well as the other system components needed for off-grid solar systems. With same day shipping (for orders placed before 3:00am EST), we make sure that our installers receive their parts ASAP! Partner with Zonna, your off-grid solar energy equipment supplier, and take advantage of solar wholesale prices and next-day shipping opportunities.