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Magnum Dimensions Systems from Zonna Energy.
Uncompromizing strength and service for off-grid solar.

The Magnum Dimensions line of solar-electric invertors, chargers, controllers, and accessories from Sensata Technologies represents the combined experience and development of many legendary energy-focused technology companies. Sensata has over a century of innovation around electric controllers and other technical components. They ship over 1.1 billion units under the Sensata name and other brands such as Magnum Dimensions.

What is today Magnum Dimensions began originally as two separate inverter companies, Dimensions Inverters, and Magnum Energy. Both brands originally focused most of their efforts in the mobile space, such as Trucks, Boats, and RVs, where the demand for reliable efficient inverters is quite high. Sometime after the merging of their joint teams and technologies, they took a decisive pivot in focus towards alternative energy technologies, where they could apply their experience towards today’s most demanding and rigorous environments. Since then, they’ve been able to utilize their wealth of experience and expertise to create some of the most competitive products in the off-grid solar landscape.

You can be certain of one thing when you choose to utilize products from Magnum Dimensions—you’re putting your trust in exclusively USA-made products that are manufactured according to the highest level possible. All parts are manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota. When you purchase your Magnum Dimensions systems from Zonna Energy, you’re getting the best products, at the best prices, at the right time, from a manufacturer and distributor that are fanatical about best-of-breed off-grid solar.

Products we supply from Magnum Dimensions

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Magnum Energy MS-PAE Inverters

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The array of solar-focused Magnum inverters from Zonna Energy provide powerful options for supplying AC power in your off-grid systems. Because all of their inverters produce a pure sine wave AC current, they are completely safe and gentle on TVs, stereos, computers, and other sensitive electronic components.

The MS-PAE inverter is exceptional for offering both 120v and 240v split phase in the same unit, and is stackable for running up to 4 in parallel, for scaling up to fit almost any sized application (stacking utilizes the ME-ARTR Router). The MS series comes in 12, 24, and 48-volt variations, for compatibility with a variety of battery-bank configurations. The lightweight aluminum base and cover on these units provide noise reduction and corrosion resistance.

The result is a durable reliable inverter solution that Magnum stands behind, with a standard 3-year warranty on each inverter, which you can extend to 5 years automatically if purchasing and installing with the Magnum Energy Breaker-box Panel.

Magnum Renewable Energy Inverters

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Magnum MPPT Charge Controllers

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When Magnum Dimensions decided to bring an MPPT solar charge controller to the market, they were determined to set a new standard in value and price for their customers. The result is the Power Track PT-100, the world’s first 100 amp maximum output solar charge controller. A single PT-100 controller supports a large PV array up to 6600W. This makes it one of the only products on the market that allows for managing an entire solar array through a single charge controller in a standard residential-based system, resulting in a more compact and cost-effective deployment.

The PT-100 is compatible with 12-volt, 24-volt, and 48-volt battery systems, with automatic detection of system voltage. The 100 amp maximum output is maintained regardless of battery voltage. The controller boasts 99% conversion efficiency and uses less than 4 watts of power in nighttime mode. An intelligent and integrated automatic battery temperature compensation system utilizes the included external temperature sensor to optimize battery charging, even during extreme temperature changes. The built-in arc fault and ground fault protection systems provide pre-fault leakage and diagnostic metering and present additional savings by eliminating the need to implement those systems separately.

The die-cast aluminum frame assists with heat dissipation and enables sufficient passive cooling most of the time, with an active cooling fan that kicks in as needed. A large wiring box provides easy installation and wiring, and serviceability is a breeze as the controller can be easily removed from its platform without disconnecting the wiring conduit. The PT-100 is designed to work with a Magnum Panel (MP) or Mini-Magnum Panel (MMP) for easy and efficient system wiring. The digital display on the front panel gives you the PV array volts and KW production, as well as the voltage and amps going in and out of the batteries. It’s compatible with any remote but integrates best with the advanced remote from Magnum Dimensions.

As an added benefit, Magnum provides an online PV Array Calculator for the Magnum Energy PT-100 Charge Controller, accessible at

More Magnum Energy Charge Controllers

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MP/MMP System Equipment Interconnection Panels

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The featureful panels from Magnum Energy can dramatically simplify the task of solar-system deployment by combining all the major components required for an off-grid solar system into one compact pre-wired enclosure. These panels integrate an inverter-battery disconnect, grounding connections, full-system by-pass switch, and AC overcurrent protection breakers into a single and easily installable system.

Magnum will even add 2 years of warranty to any MS-PAE or MS-PE inverter when ordered with and installed on with a Magnum Panel (MP) or Mini-Magnum Panel (MMP). Inverter installation couldn’t be any faster, easier, and worry-free!

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Magnum Solar-System Accessories

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Magnum provides a full array of advanced and featureful components to extend and simplify the capabilities and management of an off-grid solar system. The ME-ARC and ME-RC remotes both display system status as well as provide advanced control over every part of a system. The default meters display current load, charge state, and system temperature for easy access to vital system status information.

Features of the Magnum Energy ME-ARC Remote Control

The ME-BMK Battery Monitor Kit is an amp-hour meter that connects to a battery bank and monitors available energy, allowing quick and easy access to a system’s available energy. The allows operators to plan usage to ensure they’re not overly draining their system’s power.

Get to Know the ME-AGS Auto Gen Start

For those that demand always-available power, the ME-AGS Automatical Generator Start module allows you to seamlessly integrate a generator into your solar system, to provide backup power if and as needed. This advanced controller even provides run time and quiet time settings to ensure that a connected generator isn’t running and producing a racket when it’s not supposed to.

Off Grid Solar #40: MagWeb Monitoring Kit

For those that need more than local monitoring, Magnum produces various MagWeb remote monitoring solutions, available in both wired and wireless editions. This cloud-connected monitoring systems connect to your inverter, battery monitor, and automatic generator start modules, making both live and historical data available through a web browser on Magnum’s online management portal.

All Magnum Renewable Energy Accessories

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Magnum ME-ARTR Advanced Router

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When you’re designing extensive solar-powered systems, you need an intelligent controller to ensure the proper interaction and configuration of the various components. That’s exactly what Magnum provides with the ME-ARTR Advanced Router, with advanced system connectivity programming for large systems. The ME-ARTR allows for easily connecting multiple inverters, chargers, and accessories together without individual controllers and configurations.

Introducing the ME-ARTR Advanced Router

One ME-ARTR router can control up to four MS-PAE or MS-PE inverters, up to seven PT-1000 solar charge controllers, two ME-AGS Auto Gen Start modules, multiple ME-BMK battery monitoring kits, and supports one ME-ARC or ME-RC remote. An easy to use digital display and control knob provides painless configuration of the various components. Magnum is dedicated to continuous improvements of the system, with firmware updates available on the field via the built-in SD card reader.

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