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Magnum Dimensions Systems from Zonna Energy.
Uncompromizing strength and service for off-grid solar.

The Magnum Dimensions line of solar-electric invertors, chargers, controllers, and accessories from Sensata Technologies represents the combined experience and development of many legendary energy-focused technology companies. Sensata has over a century of innovation around electric controllers and other technical components. They ship over 1.1 billion units under the Sensata name and other brands such as Magnum Dimensions.

What is today Magnum Dimensions began originally as two separate inverter companies, Dimensions Inverters, and Magnum Energy. Both brands originally focused most of their efforts in the mobile space, such as Trucks, Boats, and RVs, where the demand for reliable efficient inverters is quite high. Sometime after the merging of their joint teams and technologies, they took a decisive pivot in focus towards alternative energy technologies, where they could apply their experience towards today’s most demanding and rigorous environments. Since then, they’ve been able to utilize their wealth of experience and expertise to create some of the most competitive products in the off-grid solar landscape.

You can be certain of one thing when you choose to utilize products from Magnum Dimensions—you’re putting your trust in exclusively USA-made products that are manufactured according to the highest level possible. All parts are manufactured in Everett, Washington, and St. Paul, Minnesota. When you purchase your Magnum Dimensions systems from Zonna Energy, you’re getting the best products, at the best prices, at the right time, from a manufacturer and distributor that are fanatical about best-of-breed off-grid solar.

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