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Zonna Energy is a wholesale supplier of HomeGrid Energy for solar installers. If you are in a search of finding a solar energy equipment supplier that has Home Grid Energy in their product line, look no further! When you partner with us you can take advantage of wholesale pricing, next-day shipping, and world-class support. All you need is to create an account using our “Become A Dealer” form.

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About HomeGrid Energy

HomeGrid offers customizable solar products for you, solar installers! HomeGrid Energy’s modular packages for homes and businesses make it easy to cater power storage to an individual customer. HomeGrid batteries comprise Tier 1 prismatic cells, making it easy for them to stand by their 10-year, 4000 cycles, non-pro-rated warranty.

Have a solar installation project that requires using specific solar inverters or installation equipment? HomeGrid’s solar PV storage batteries will work with nearly any 48-volt inverters, and HomeGrid Energy has closed-loop communication with most.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are the future, according to HomeGrid Energy. LFP batteries are not only better for the environment and your wallet, but they are also safer than other battery types, thanks to better thermal control. LFP batteries are more environmentally friendly, easier to recycle, have longer lifespans, and provide significantly better performance over time when compared to more traditional battery compositions.

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Why HomeGrid Energy?

As the cost of fossil fuel-based utilities rises year after year, many people are looking for less expensive, cleaner ways to power their homes. Many states in the United States are beginning to use time-of-use rates, making energy prices much higher in the afternoon and evening than in the morning. Using a HomeGrid battery system will help you avoid afternoon energy surges and save money. For your home or business, HomeGrid has the best battery solutions.

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