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Eternity Technologies offers the safest lithium battery technology in the solar industry. If you’re in market to find a reliable wholesale solar supplier, we’ve got you! We are a verified solar equipment distributor, ready to empower your solar installations.

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Every solar power system needs a quality battery in order to function properly. Fortress Power’s high-performance solar battery storage products offer consistent reliability, superior safety, and are easy-to-install. Fortress Power uses the most advanced technology in the industry to integrate multilevel safety concepts such as overcharge and deep discharge protection, voltage and temperature observation, single-cell monitoring, and balancing.

Fortress Power Batteries
Fortress Power Wholesale Supplier

Zonna Energy’s quick shipping, expertise, and Fortress Power’s exceptional batteries in one relationship! If you are seeking for the best quality lithium batteries that will arrive on time, you have reached the right place. Now you can get the world’s highest-powered lithium ferrite phosphate batteries that are built by Fortress Power and delivered to the location of your choice.

Verified Fortress Power Supplier

Fortress Power was founded in 2009 and quickly became a competitive player in the energy storage batteries industry. Their ultimate priority is safety, and they have been ensuring that all the batteries they manufacture are safe for their customer’s homes and businesses. Their highest-powered lithium ferrite phosphate batteries produce slightly higher energy discharges than standard energy storage solutions and are scientifically proven to be safer.

Zonna Energy has partnered with Fortress Power and became a verified off-grid wholesale solar supplier of Fortress Power. If you’re in market to find a reliable and verified Fortress Power wholesale solar energy equipment supplier, go no further than Zonna! By partnering with us, you can take advantage of solar wholesale pricing and next-day shipping!

Here is a video of Frequently Asked Questions about Lithium Ferrite Phosphate Batteries:

Besides all the superior safety, easy installation, and consistent reliability benefits of Fortress Power, their batteries are designed to work with all 48V chargers and hybrid inverters. They work well with Schneider, Outback, Magnum, Sol-Ark, Victron, Morningstar, etc.

Here is a webinar of Schneider Electric + Fortress Power combination: 

Zonna Energy is Supplier for Installers

At Zonna Energy, our goal is not only to stock the best-possible solar parts but also to understand the solar energy field and help out an installer to get the right parts for their solar systems.

Imagine you are ordering a solar part from any other supplier out there and receiving that part after several days and finding out that part is actually not going to work for your system. If you want to avoid such mistakes like this, choose Zonna Energy.

We make sure that our installers never get stuck waiting to install a job because they can’t find the right parts. Our priority is to deliver the right solar parts to installers, at great prices, on time, every time.

In addition, we are glad to provide priority support to our installers on the field. When you buy from Zonna, you’re not only getting a system that is sure to work well together, but also the confidence that we can guide you through any challenges you face with your product on the field.