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Are Ark Battery products required for your solar energy system? Why don’t you get a reply? Or perhaps you are unsure of how to install your Ark Battery product correctly. If you need assistance connecting with an Ark Battery supplier, our solar energy specialists are here to help. They will explain the Ark Battery products to you. Our helpful staff is meeting your needs for solar energy. We have the best lithium batteries available from Ark Battery in stock. If you need to discover a lithium battery for your project, Zonna Energy can assist you as your solar energy equipment supplier!

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Choose Zonna Energy as your Ark Battery – solar storage batteries wholesale supplier and take advantage of next-day shipping options and get an expert from our support team to find answers to all of your questions as an off-grid solar energy installer!

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Advantages of Choosing Ark Battery


ARK Battery set out in 2017 to research and develop a solar energy battery solution for off-grid Amish communities in East Central America. As off-grid solar system installers, the founders of ARK Battery recognized that a dependable, maintenance-free battery was the missing link in making renewable energy systems smooth and reliable.

Most of the components in an ARK Battery are manufactured using automated equipment to ensure consistency and high quality. Cells are laser-welded together in an assembly-line fashion. Each cell is rigorously tested for flaws or material deficiencies. This testing process takes 1-2 months before the cells are considered market-ready. Tightly secured, the BMS, monitoring device and balancer are installed, cabling and fusing are completed, and the battery is finally ready for many years of hard work with the lid closed and one final round of testing.

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Why Zonna as Your Ark Battery Wholesale Supplier

If you are in market to find a reliable wholesale solar dealer that understands solar installers needs at the field, go no further than Zonna Energy. We offer the best-possible Brand products with competitive pricing with next-day shipping options. Our expert support team will be available to answer your questions instantly and help you accomplish your solar installation efficiently on time. That is exactly why at Zonna Energy, as your Ark Battery solar wholesale distributor, our goal is to make sure that our installers get their solar products on time!

Why Choose Ark Battery?

  • When under heavy load, the voltage of an ARK Battery does not fluctuate as it does in most other battery types.
  • ARK Batteries are only 30% the weight of lead-acid batteries.
  • ARK Batteries do not require any maintenance, such as equalizing or adding water.
  • ARK Batteries can be installed in a rack or cabinet either upright or horizontally. There are terminals on the front and back to make cabling easier in either position.
  • You probably won’t need it, but all of the internal electronic components in an ARK Battery are field replaceable in the event of a battery failure. You can also keep spare parts on hand in case of a disaster, such as an EMP strike. (*Parts may only be replaced with approval from ARK Battery.)

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A Solar Energy Project Done by Using Ark Batteries:


residential off grid solar energy with ark battery


Residential Off-Grid Solar System

2,700 Square Feet + Basement

3.8 KW Solar
SOL-ARK 12K Inverter
14 KW Backup Generator
5 – ARK 51.2V 100AH Batteries

This System Can Power:
• Laundry
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Coffee Maker
• 4-Zone Radiant Heat System
• Bosch Mixer
• Lights Throughout
• Fridge
• Electric Bike Charging
• Clothes Iron
• Well Pump
• Freezer
• Water Softener

System Features:
• Expansion-friendly. More batteries will be added in the future.
• 2 – 2.5 days autonomy
• 15-year life design
• Maintenance-free*
• No hazardous fumes or gases

*Generator requires oil changes.

Zonna Energy Is a Solar Equipment Supplier for Solar Installers

Our selection of solar energy products includes top-tier solar brands in the solar system industry. Ark Battery is a top-tier solar storage batteries manufacturer. Our goal at Zonna Energy, as your solar battery supplier, is to stock high-quality solar products while also providing quick shipping and response to our installers.

We stock Ark Battery’s best Lithium LiFe PO4 Batteries. If any solar PV batteries required from Ark Battery for your solar energy system, Zonna Energy is your best option.

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